Bishop with the rights of Ordinary, which has canonical jurisdictional power over this Vicariate, is its founder,

His Excellency, archbishop


Besides being the ordinary in Serbia, mons Leonardo is also archbishop - ordinary of Old Catholic Vicariate in Croatia, and the Old Catholic Church in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He is also administrator for Slovenia and Hungary. He carries mentioned duties as presiding archbishop of church Province of St. Christophor.

One part of archbishop Beg's coat of arms is included into Coat of Arms of this Vicariate, as the sign of gratefulness and recognition to the archbishop for founding of Vicariate in Serbia, and all other efforts that His Excellency does in inciting development of God's Church, here and on the whole Balcan.

Symbolism of archbishop's Coat of Arms
Coat of arms itself, by the letters on the shield, expresses deep theological message. In vertical stroke of the cross, there are letters of God's Name from the Old Testament, YHWH (Jahve), while, in the horizontal line, there are letters IHS (Jesus Hominum Salvator - Jesus the Salvator of people). This reveals us the christological dimension: Jesus is trully God and trully human. The connection of Heaven and Earth is expressed, the connection of God's and human's creation, the breakthrough of timeless, saint God's world into our, sinful and transient ("per Ipsum et cum Ipso et in Ipso"). On the right, there is letter M, representing Virgin Mary, the main reason why had bishop Beg taken the spiritual path. The background of the shield is marian blue, pointing on the constant mercy and protective presence of Theotokos. On the bottom, there is a motto of St. Petrus, the Disciple: ''Tu est Christus, Filius Dei vivi'' - ''You are Christ, the Son of the Living God'' (Matthew16, 16), expressing the apostle's faith that Jesus is trully Christ. On that faith, He builds His Church, which even doors of Hell will not overcome. Taking that confession for motto, he expressed the deep faith in Jesus Christ, the only Founder of Church.
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For operation in area where Orthodox - Old Catholic communion exists, by special efforts of deacon Ilija, a different coat of arms is developed and protected, which bishop uses while administrating these areas in love of Christ. In the great shield, there is a smaller one whose symbolics are described upwards, but now over that smaller one there is a new world, where cross wins (=Christ), with great sacrafices and penances of faithful to Him. This is presented with a violet ribbon. The coat of arms is framed with Serafim hymn, on church-slavonic language: "Saint, Saint, Saint is God over armies". There is also an olive branch, for the remembrance of aliance of God and Noah, after The flooding, which was brought by a dove (a symbol of Holy Spirit), as a pre-image of new heaven and a new earth (Revelation, 21,1). Green colour represents hope in that eternal salvation (new heaven and new earth) to which Christ calls us. There are also two lilies - symbols of love, pureness and innocence, respectively Virgin Mary - Theotokos, but also Archangel Gabriel, who revealed the good news to Mary. On the top of the shield, there are a cross and a shepherd's crook, and in the middle of them is a bishop mitra, as a symbol of Church autocephality.

Brief biography of archbishop

- Leonardo Beg was born in Rab, Republic of Croatia, on 04.03.1976.

- He was ordained for priest on 18.09.2010. He received his doctoral degree in theology, and was choosen for asistant bishop of mons. Augustin Bačinsky, in charge for pastoral activities on Balcan, on the Holy Synod of Union of orthodox (national) Catholic Churches on 01.07.2012. in Nitra, Slovakia.

- His bishop ordination was held in Rab, on 22.09.2012.

- On 21.03.2013., by the Decree of archbishop - metropolitan of St. Methodius Union, mons. Augustin Bačinsky, bishop Leonardo becomes ordinary of autonomous Old catholic General Vicariate of St. Methodius, for Croatia and states on Balcan, as a regular part of Union of national Old Catholic Churches. He also received a mandate to continue founding Church Vicariates in regional states.

- On 10.01.2017. he received the rank of archbishop.

- He is married, father of two children.

Deaconal ordination
Mons. Valter Župan, Roman Catholic bishop of Krk
- Novalja, 04.11.2001., Church of St. Catherine

Priest ordination
Mons. Bernhard Heitz, Old Catholic bishop of Vienna
- Zagreb, 18.09.2010., Church of St. Cross

Main consecrator: Mons. Ante Marijan Nikolić, bishop of Croatian catholic Church in Canada

Other consecrators: Mons. Antonio Jose da Costa Raposo, archbishop - primas of Old Catholic Apostolic Church in Portugal, Mons. Augustin Bačinsky, archbishop of Old Catholic Church in Slovakia, Mons. Hans Jörg Peters, bishop of Old Catholic General Vicariate in Austria
- Rab, 22.09.2012., old basillica of St. Jonh the Evangelist



APOSTOLIC SUCCESSION from the middle 16. century

- Cardinal REBIBA ordained Santinio, 12.03.1566.
- Cardinal SANTINIO ordained Benninio, 07.09.1586.
- Cardinal BENNINIO ordained San Vitaleo, 04.04.1604.
- Cardinal SAN VITALE ordained Ludovisio, 07.05.1621.
- Cardinal LUDOVISI ordained Geatanio, 12.06.1622.
- Cardinal GEATANI ordained Carpegno, 07.10.1630.
- Cardinal CARPEGNA ordained Altierio, 02.05.1666.
- Cardinal ALTIERI ordained Orsinio, 03.02.1675. - Cardinal Orsini became in 1724. Roman bishop - Pope BENEDICT XIII.
- Cardinal ORSINI ordained Lorenzo Lambertini, 16.07.1723. Lorenzo Lambertini became in 1740. Roman bishop - Pope BENEDICT XIV.
- Pope BENEDIKT XIV. ordained Carol della Torre Rezzoni, 19.03.1743. Carol della Torre Rezzoni became in 1758. Roman bishop - Pope CLEMENT XIII.
- Pope CLEMENT XIII. ordained Bernadinus Giraud, 26.04.1767.
- Cardinal GIRAUD ordained Alexander Matthaeus, 23.02.1777.
- Cardinal MATTHAEUS ordained Petrus Franciscus Galetti, 12.09.1819.
- Cardinal GALETTI ordained Iacobus Phillipus Fransoni, 08.12.1822.
- Cardinal FRANSONI ordained Carolus Sacconi, 08.06.1851.
- Cardinal SACCONI ordained Eduard Howard, 30.06.1872.
- Cardinal HOWARD ordained Marian Rampollu Marchese del Tindaro, 08.12.1882.
- Cardinal Rampolla del TINDARO ordained Joaquin Arcoverde de Albuquerque-Cavalcanti, 26.10.1890.
- Cardinal de Albuquerque - CAVALCANTI ordained Sebastiã Leme de Silveira Cintro, 04.06.1911.
- Archbishop de Silveira CINTRA ordained Carlos Duarte-Costa, 08.12.1924. in Botocat (Brasil).
- Bishop Carlos Duarte-COSTA ordained Louis Fernando Castila Mendez 03.05.1948. in Venezuella (Carlos Duarte-Costa was a Roman Catholic bishop until 02.07.1945.; afterly he founded Catholic Apostolic National Church in Brazil - ICAB)
- bishop Luis Castillo MENDEZ ordained António José da Costa Raposo 22.11.1982. Consecrators were also bishop Josivaldo Pereira de Oliveira, bishop Bartolomeu Sebastião Vilela and bishop Rainer Laufers.
- bishop António José da Costa RAPOSO ordained Ante Nikolić and Augustin Bačinsky 08.02.2004. in Mafra (Portugal). Consecrators were also bishop Antonín Jelínek and bishop Josivaldo Pereira de Oliveira.

- bishop Ante M. NIKOLIĆ ordained Leonard Beg on 22.09.2012. in Rab (Croatia). Consecrators were also archbishop primas António José da Costa Raposo, archbishop Augustin Bačinsky and bishop HansJörg Peters.