Orthodox - Old Catholic General vicariate of St. Methodius was founded on 13.08.2015., by the Decree of His Excellency, monsignor Leonardo Beg, PhD, archbishop of church Province of St. Christophor in charge for Croatia and other States on Balcan.
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After the founding, archbishop Leonardo issued an Edict, by which he proclaimed a Church Constitution of this Vicariate, which is the main canonical act for church-related activities of Vicariate.
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DIRECTOR OF OFFICE, protopresbyter - stavrofor
prof. Borivoj Subotić, Ph.D., B.Div.

Borivoj Subotić is a doctor of mathematics, retired full professor. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Theology. Besides christian theology, he is also interested in asian religions and philosophies. He was ordained deacon on 18.10.2014. in Irig (Serbia), and priest on 22.10.2016. in Osijek (RH), by the hands of Old Catholic bishop Leonardo Beg. On 27.10.2017. in he received the rank od canonic (stavrofor). He is married, father of four children.

Legal representative, priest
Ilija Subotić, M.Sc.

Ilija Subotić is a Teaching Assistant at Modern Business School in Belgrade, as well as programmer in "Digipuls", marketing agency in Belgrade. During the 2013. and 2014. he finished certificational programme in international law, at University of Louvain (Belgium), as well as a course of criminal psychology in 2015. (University of Queensland, Australia). He is specializing in the fields of administrative process law and rights on protection of personal data, and parallely he studies theological subjects. Currently, he is on his doctoral studies in the field of Internet-based telecommunications applications in aviation. He has obtained pilot licenses UAV/UAS cat 1-4. On 22.10.2016. in Osijek he was ordained deacon, and on 27.10.2017., in the same city, by the hands of Archbishop Leonardo, he was ordained priest.


National, orthodox Old Catholic churches are exactly that - national. That means that all of its activities and rites must be made available even to the poorest people. Because of that, on the level of our Church Union, therefore in the Orthodox - Old Catholic Vicariate, a mandatory decision was made: every rite must be prefectly free:

Every Vicariate cleric is obligated to conduct that decision
and familiarize the faithful with it before performing Holy Secrets of other rites.


You may be wandering: why are fees determined that way?

It is more than welcome, almost mandatory, that every cleric has his regular job: on example farmer, teacher, officer and etc. Priesthood, like we are taught by the Christ himself, may not be a source of profit: how could we bill the prayer? The gift of the Holy Spirit? In New Testament, the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 10, Christ gives the directions to His dicsiples to heal, persecute unclean spirits and preach, with one very important requirement:

„You received it as a gift, give it as a gift.“ (Mt 10,8)



For initiating a process of canonical acceptance of the faithful to church community of this Vicariate (under Vicariate´s canonical jurisdiction), it is necessary to enclose filled and signed Request for admisison to Register or the faithful (in serbian language, you can download it here), with which it is needed to enclose these additional documents:
- original or copy of baptism´s certificate;
- signed copy of Nicea-Constantinople´s Creed of Faith (without filioque);
- certifications of Holy Communion and Holy Confirmation (orthodox christians don´t enclose them).

If needed, for the purpose of determining additional facts, Vicariate can request filing statements or other averments of applicant.

After the reception of fully agreeable request, authorized person of Vicariate will decide wether to accept or to decline that request, in the period of three days. A complaint to that decision can be filed to Archishop - Ordinary, in 8 days counted from the day of first-instance decision receptance.


In this case, a Holy Sacrament of baptism shall be conducted, along with the Holy Sacrament of confirmation (in most cases immediatellz after the baptism). Baptism is a first and primary Holy Sacramet, by which a person gains full membership to Church of Christ. Because of that, baptism can not be avoided.

Once after the baptism is completed, and that fact is written in the Book of baptized, there os only one step left - to fill and sign the Request for admisison to Register or the faithful (in serbian language, you can download it here), and hand it over to Vicariate. With that Request, a signed copy of Nicea-Constantinople´s Creed of Faith (without filioque) shall be enclosed. After the formal approvement of that Request, a complete procedure is then finished.


Sacrament of Holy Order is God's creation. Those who are ordained, belong to hierarchical part of the Church. Faithful, lay people, by accepting Evangelical advices through their creeds of other connections that Church accepts and confirms, help the saving mission of Church beside not being a part of hierarchy. In that manner, they have a part in Church's life and its holiness, in the service of king's priests, as the opposite of clergy, which belongs to the altar priesthood.

Every priest, even if he doesn't have the right to free from the sins, correctly conducts the Sacrament of penance in the case of mortal danger of the penant, even if there is a priest with right to conduct a confession, which means that the Sacrament of Holy order cannot ever be lost. Hence, if a priest, because of some reason, gets downgraded to the state of faithful, he cannot truly be a lay man.

Documentation needed for the process of canonical incardination in this Vicariate:

1. Personal talk/personal email correspondation with archbishop;
2. Biography and two photographs (dimensions 5x4cm);
3. Filling in the Application form and a Request for acceptance in clergy/clerical candidates register;
4. Enclosing copies or originals of documents listed below:

----------- Baptism and Confirmation testimony;
----------- Testimony of the First Communion (candidates from Orthodox churches don't enclose this document);
----------- Church confirmation of marriage - for those candidates/clerics that are married;
----------- Documents regarding acceptance of Holy Orders - for ordained candidates;
----------- Diploma(s) of the highest finished school;
----------- Decree of excardination, from the previous bishop - for candidates seeking canonical incardination in this Vicariate;
----------- Other diplomas on finished courses or theological programs, if a candidates has them.
5. Signed Nickea-Constantinople's Creed of faith;
6. A letter written letter to archbishop (that should contain circumstances in which canonical acceptance is requested):

----------- A letter of application in clerical candidates
----------- A letter of forgiveness seeking (if candidate canonicaly belonged to a Church that allows unacceptable things like same-sex marriages, free choice of abortion (except in medicaly needed cases, when mother's life is in danger), or any other deviant things, he is obliged to send a Letter of forgiveness seeking (with other documentation), addressed to archbishop, with the statement that he truly doesn's accept such deviant teachings anymore)
----------- A letter of incardination seeking - filed only by a previously ordained cleric that has the intention to join this Vicariate's jurisdiction.

Documentation shall be sent at the address of Vicariate's headquarters, or it can be personally handed over to Vicariate's representative, in which case a Receipt of received documentation will be issued.

For every further information and procedure initiation, feel free to contact us: contact.